Sunshine on my Shoulders Shampoo & Soap Bar

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Let it shine, let it shine... with Sunshine on my Shoulders Shampoo & Soap (John Denver would be so proud).

This sudsy shampoo & body bar is perfect for travel, backpacking, camping, or home sweet home.

TSA-friendly, 100% non-detergent. Brighten your day with soft, silky sensational hair and skin.

Share the sunshine: a percentage of profits from sales of this product are donated to QT Ranch in Colorado, an outpatient rehabilitation clinic which integrates equine-assisted therapy for trauma survivors.

Handmade in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

Ingredients: Filtered water, coconut oil, avocado oil, calendula-infused olive oil, castor oil, flaxseed oil, raw honey, fragrance*

*essential oil blend