Alpaca Dryer Balls with hand-felted animals, set of 4

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Make laundry fun again! (oh wait, was it ever fun?)  Well, at least bring a smile to your face with these fun, eco-friendly, pure wool dryer balls.

These upcycled dryer balls will save you time and money!  No more chemical-laden dryer sheets.  Reduce drying time by fluffing your laundry while it tumbles.  Add essential oils in the last few minutes of drying to naturally scent your laundry.

Materials used:  upcycled wool sweaters (on the interior,) real alpaca fleece, and bits of colored 100% wool.  Each ball is 3 to 4 inches in diameter.

*The set pictured is just a sample, the animals you will get in your set will vary as they are all handmade in small batches.

We recommend that you use all 4 dryer balls at once.