Our Story

From tending to our own bees, to blending our own teas, we believe in self-sufficiency. Throughout the years, out of necessity and curiosity, we've tapped into our backwoods roots and natural sensibilities to successfully create beneficial products for beauty, body, bath, and home.

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Backwoods Forward was founded by two friends: Marisa (that's me), a CEO Homemaker/Professional Mother of Four, and Sarah, a DEO, Delighted Escapee Of... Big Corporate America.

We first met in 2015, when I volunteered to be Sarah's Home Health Assistant, helping her with everyday basics: shopping, driving, meal preparation, and more. I shared with Sarah the same meals I shared with my family: organic, nutritious, gluten-free, tasty creations made from ingredients harvested from our own gardens, beehives, backyard chickens, or local farms. Not every meal fit this description perfectly, but I always aspired for wholesome food “medicine”, as did she.

Through my home visits, I learned how Sarah was born a Country Mouse, but once sailed through The Big City streets, conquering businesses like a busy bee. But here she was now, a tired, retired super-heroine, akin to overstretched Helen Parr – the character Elastigirl – from The Incredibles film. Unlike Elastigirl, Sarah never quite bounced back, and was in permanent physical downtime. But her mind was alive, in constant creative overdrive. Sarah had a penchant for praising free markets. She loved the art of marketing.

Meanwhile, I was completing my PhD in making great goods from scratch – the kind of goods that go far beyond tasty meals. My sundry of hands-on skills ranged from using a lathe to create handmade kid's toys... to formulating my infamous charcoal clay toothpaste... to dozens of other creations in between. I could go on an on (come back frequently to the store for more and more new products!), but the driving force behind my work was a belief in self-sufficiency to produce quality, long-lasting products made with TLC.

In 2016, Sarah and I started Backwoods Forward to bring forth quality, natural, goods, from our neck of the woods, to yours.

With sunshine on my shoulders, and warm regards,
Backwoods Forward
Fort Collins, Colorado