Our Values

Support a great cause! A percentage of profits are donated to Triple T Haven, a healing place for trauma survivors, located in Ault, Colorado.

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Backwoods Forwards brings forth great goods, from our neck of the woods to yours. We create exceptional natural products for bath, body beauty, and home. Here are our values and beliefs:

Backwoods Products, Forward Technology
Backwoods Forward is gracious for the wonders of old recipes, formulas, and homemade goods of yesteryear, but our business owes a huge thank you to King Web for liberating small businesses from being tied to one location. Mom n' pop shops can now be part of a worldly marketplace. Much gratitude.

Environmental Sustainability
We use locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. We're mindful of minimal packaging.

Financial Sustainability
True to our self-reliant spirit, Backwoods Forward has never accepted bank loans, government entitlements, subsidies, or grants. Corporate/business welfare is backwards, and wholly incompatible with Backwoods Forward's model of economic independence. (Speaking of independence, we accept Bitcoin as form of payment.)

We Own Ourselves
We're the boss; we don't work under anyone. We sincerely care about you. Backwoods Forward cares about your input, and strives to improve our products, while bringing new goods to market. What's good for us is good for you. And vice versa.

Thankful for Your Vote
Choosing to buy Backwoods Forward products is your act of voting for a business you believe in. Your support means the world to us. Thank you. We'll pass the love forward to the rest of the world.

Financial donations: A percentage of profits are invested in local and worldly community causes.

Face-to-face contributions:
On a weekly basis, we dedicate at least one hour of our time towards directly helping others, interacting one-on-one with individuals who are our neighbors, friends, and/or people in need. It could be visiting a local nursing home to hang up Christmas decorations, sing carols with our children, and bond with residents.

Leading by Example
We mentor kids to become entrepreneurs, so when they grow up, instead of waiting for someone to "give them" a job, they can independently create their own business = freedom. Backwoods Forward works closely with homeschoolers and attendees of the School of Life.

Lastly, But Firstly, Family
The best – and greatest –  goods, are rooted in the home: family.

Whether it's a family of 15, 5, or one person with a dog, the family is the foundation of society. Before business, before community, before shopping, socializing, drinking, entertaining, comes family.

This doesn't mean your Backwoods Forwards orders won't be shipped as soon as possible. But it does mean we won't be staring at our cell phones to track customer purchases during a family meal. : )